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Qingdao Aroma Industrial Co.,Ltd is manufacturer for auto twist tie machine of XFAST-ZK530, XFAST-ZK1540, XFAST-ZK2060, XFAST-ZK4090 which is screen touch, fully automatic, and the packing diameter is from 3mm-90mm, you can check the videos to find out more applications of this auto tie machine. The twist tie machine can be used in many industries like bakery industry, confectionary, gaskets, gift box, fruit and many other products you can think of. <br> We also have fully automatic small strapping machines with glue-free strapping tapes. The application is very wide, for vegetables, flowers, paper pieces, books, boxes, bags, cards, ham sausages any kind of the products you need to bundle together.

Now this Fully automatic strapping machine is more used in the bundling of vegetables in supermarkets, the product bundling of promotional activities, vegetable planting bases, and vegetable distribution centers and the needs of various paper industries, labels, and some small processing plants for their suitable items. With the rise of e-commerce, there are more and more small merchants. They need such small machines, which will save a lot of material and labor costs for their packaging, and also improve the beauty of the products.

The strapping tape used has no glue, no residue, environmental protection and non-toxicity. Free your hands, reduce costs, and make strapping easily.

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